Andere machen auch Fehler...

written by Martin HĂ€cker on

Es ist doch immer wieder angenehm, wenn man feststellt das man nicht der einzige Mensch auf der Erde ist der Fehler macht.

Damit dieses Post besser via google zu finden ist, ab hier auf Englisch.

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For anyone trying to develop QT-based apps on leopard, take care. I couldn't find this bug documented anywhere, so I'm writing this up here.

The Leopard CDs Apple shipped with new computers right after leopard came out contain a very old QTKit Version in the 10.4u.sdk of Xcode 3.0.

This means (at least) that you get spurious warnings on building - and we have also found that it makes apps built on this machine (Leopard, Intel) behave very badly on PPC Tiger machines. That is, QuickTime Exports would fail silently. (This is what initally triggered us finding this)

To detect it, have a look at the file: </Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/QTKit.framework/Versions/A/Headers/QTMovie.h> and look till when the copyright goes. If it is till 2005 -> You have the old version. If it is till 2007 -> You most likely have the correct version.

I don't know if there are other problems with the CD Version of Leopard, so if you are using it, take care and consider installing something different!

Oh, and of course I filed a radar: 5699456

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Ah well. Mal schauen wo ich dieses Post unterbringen kann.