Kent Becks keynote auf der Railsconf 08

written by Martin Häcker on

Und er erzählt dabei ein paar Geschichten. Ohne einen Punkt.

Das ist ein ganz interessanter Rückblick auf seine Vergangenheit, seine Meinung und Art wie er spricht.

Das Beste ist aber die Fragerunde am Schluss - in der wird es nämlich auf einmal richtig Politisch:

How is it, that the thing that I could do could contribute the most possible. I'ts gonna take getting involved with the people whose lives are affected by the programs that I write. Whether they're dockworkers, or policemen or whoever. They have to gain power in that process.

One of the Principloes that I've used always, always, is the principle of mutual benefit

I try to finde a way where everybody can do better out of the activities that I'm involved in. I fall short of that at times, but I'm always looking for that.

And I think software as an industry falls short of that. There are winners and losers in software development. And I think thats really too bad, because I think it's mostly a choice.

And I'd love to find a way to get past that.

Schaut euch den Kontext um dieses Statement an - es lohnt sich!

Hier gibt's den Vortrag