My open source code can be found on GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab.

Some analytics about parts of my open source contributions is available on OpenHub.

Professionally I work as a Full-Stack Lead Engineer and DevOps specialist at SNTL-Publishing especially on the predictive learning analytics tool yeepa.

Everything I blog about projects can be found in the category Projects.

Some highlights in the open source code I wrote:


PyExpect (git) is an expectation and assertion library for Python. It brings the expect() style of assertions from what other languages like Ruby and JavaScript over. This allows assertions to be more concise and clear to read, as well as not binding the assertions to the TestCase class, making them reusable in application code.


FluentPy (git) is a library derived from he question: How would Python look and feel, if it where made to be programmed with Fluent Interfaces like jQuery or Spark? With FluentPy you can give it a try.