Ruby Videos

written by Martin HĂ€cker on

WĂ€hrend meinem Urlaub habe ich mir eine Menge Videos angesehen - so viel Zeit hat man ja sonst nicht. Allerdings nicht irgendwas. (OK, etwas Daily Show war auch dabei :)

Diese Videos haben mir besonders gut gefallen:

  • Jive Talkin: DSL Design and Construction From a creator of many DSLs a short overview over the specific techniques and how he goes about doing them. (Test driven of course)
  • Improving the usuability of your Ruby on Rails application A nice talk about website usability and very specific things that you can do to enhance it (with a great example)
  • Tourbus A really nice talk about how to optimize ruby on rails applications (but really it's more general and can be used for anything). He especially talks about how you can easily get one to two orders of magnitude speed improvements on the first optimization pass of an app.
  • BDD with Cucumber A talk about how Behaviour Driven Development works in practice and how it can be used to drive development - from a guy at Thoughtworks who gives very practical examples.
  • La Dolce Vita Rubyista A talk about how agile development should be - shown in a series of short movies which are quite funny.
  • Testing as Communication How Programmer Testing can be used to achieve better communication with your customers.
  • Aristotle and the art of software development A talk about three major currents of philossophy - and how they may relate to software development and which programming language to choose.
  • Using Metrics to take a look at your code Talk about possible code metrics and how to use them to discover and keep an eye on bad parts of your code.
  • Effective and creative coding Talk of a psychologist about directed attention and how to recharge it to be a more effective and creative coder
  • The Grand Unified Theory... ... of Programming. In this talk, Jim Weirich talks about Connescance as a guide to how to determine what is good and what isn't good programming.

Und auf diese Tools bin ich dabei noch mal gestoßen - dabei sind wirklich ein paar sachen die extra cool sind: