Wenn man Benutzerschnittstellen Misst...

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...kommt sowas raus:

Problem Area 3: Mouse precision

The most preoccupying results of these benchmarks concerned mouse precision and efficiency: in these benchmarks (which measure both the time necessary to complete a series of precision tasks and the number of errors, and used the same mouse and mouse-pad for all tests), Windows Vista scored significantly worse than Windows XP. Windows Vista scored a Mouse Precision Error Coefficient of 0.52, compared with 0.40 for Windows XP, and 0.08 (!) for Mac OS X.

Das freut mich als Apple-User natĂŒrlich, vor allem aber finde ich es sehr wichtig, das Pfeiffer die Wichtigkeit von Kleinigkeiten sehr schön auf den Punkt bringt:

One of the most important aspects of User Interface Friction is that, while it may seem hardly noticeable, it shapes our overall user experience and can make the difference between a compelling product and an uninspiring one. Differences between two devices or programs may appear almost subliminal, but the user who compares both will notice them nonetheless, even if he or she could not explain why. Conversely, the sum of little, seemingly insignificant improvements add up and will make the difference between an excellent device and a lesser one.